Radiant Installation Tutorial for WildWest

This document is to intended to help mappers install RtCW and Radiant for the development
of maps in the WildWest mod


You need to download the following files, but DO NOT install them until later,
follow this guide to the letter and you should not have any problems :)

Firstly, download radiant (this is the program used to create maps)
I strongly suggest you download the "old" 1.4 version, as this is what was used in
the making of this tutorial (and I don't like 1.5 ! and 1.4 works fine... really dunno why
programmers mess with things sometimes, as my Dad used to say "if it ain't broke,
don't try to fix it" !! lol )
On this page select "Windows" and "stable" and of course "RTCW"

And you also need the WildWest mappers pak (this includes sample source maps, models and textures)
NOTE: version 1.6 is the most current version of the game, and I haven't got around to
making a mappers pak for this yet (may never will) but this 1.5 version still works :)

It is VERY important that you start with a nice fresh installation of Wolfenstein, so
Uninstall Wolf, Radiant, WildWest ect ( you may wish to backup your cfg's first)
NOTE: make sure you use the "add and remove programmes" in your control panel
to-do this.

Browse for, and delete any remaining folders, which will be left after you uninstall  (RtCW, Radiant ect)

I recommend that you have a folder called "games" where you will
install Wolf, and Radiant.. you don't have to, but if your following this
tutorial, you will find it a lot easier to see what you are doing

Do fresh install of wolf, and patch to 1.41 (NOTE: The Platinum / extended version of wolf
comes already patched to 1.41)

Due to a bug in the Wolf installer, some files are installed in the wrong place,
namely the Single Player binaries, although not essential, I recommend you move
these files into the "Main" folder, this will ensure that any Single Player mods you may
wish to install will work ok.. NOTE: normal single player wolf will work fine too.
Files to move to your "Main" folder are:


Next we need to get round the other annoying bug with the CD key.. many players
have issues with the "Invalid CD key message".. to fix this problem, do the following:
Find your "rtcwkey" file in the Main folder, and delete it.

Run Normal wolf, and go to options > cd-key, and enter your cd-key
Now join a PB enabled server (try not to join a shrub, OSP or bani server), play for
 ~5 mins, so PB updates to latest version.

Now, Quit the game, and find your new Rtcwkey file in your "Main" folder, right click on it,
select "properties" and set it to "read-only":
NOTE: you should never have a "Rtcwkey" file in a mod folder, and you should always
enter your CD key from within the standard Wolf menu.
NOTE2: if you get an CD-KEY error after you do this, delete the "Rtcwkey", and
repeat the above steps again.

OK, it now time to install WildWest (current version 1.5), the installer should find your
new RtCW installation automatically ( Only if you have it installed on your C: drive )

NOTE: 1.6 beta is now the current version, installer may look slightly different.

Now we have regular Wolf, and WildWest installed, this installation will be the one you use
to play on-line with.. To keep things simple and easy for you I suggest you now Copy this
RtCW installation to a new folder, this will be your development installation:

Rename the copied folder to "Wolf_dev"

Right, we now have 2 installations of Wolf and WildWest, it's now time to install Radiant,
run the Radiant installer, and choose to install it where you can find it easily.. I recommend
using your games directory:

Radiant will want to install itself for development in several games, it will ask for the
place where these games are installed.. IF you don't have these other games installed, simply
leave the path as default. NOTE: This tutorial assumes you are mapping for WildWest only


When you get to the Wolfenstein selection, choose your development folder "Wolf_dev":


Now it is important you select "custom" for your installation type, this enables us to choose
which actual games Radiant will be installed for:

As I said earlier I am assuming you wish to map for WildWest only, if you wish to map for
other games then you will have to select the appropriate boxes:
NOTE: I HIGHLY recommend that you don't try and map for both regular Wolf, and
WildWest at the same time.. YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS...
Now, select the following boxes:

Ok, we now need to do a little house keeping, since we don't want to accidentally use
and standard Wolf media in our WildWest map, so delete the following from your
development folder "Wolf_dev":

Delete folder "Main"
Delete folder "Docs"
Delete folder "Extra" if it is there
Delete folder "Uninstall" (since this installation is a copy, and cannot be uninstalled.. it must be deleted)

Delete all files except:

Now its time to extract contents of WildWest mappers pak into your Wolf_dev folder,
overwriting any files/folders as necessary.
After you have done this you may wish to copy the Rtcwkey from your gaming "Main"
folder to the new "Main" folder that you have just extracted from the mappers pack.

Now we can run radiant !! wahooo, but were not finished yet..........

Ok, so run radiant, and select Return to castle wolfenstien from the popup menu

Now we need to edit some preferences to tell radiant to work from the WildWest folder,
select "File > project settings"

enter WildWest (note the capital W's) into the following textboxes:

NOTE: you are changing the "basepath" to your development installation of  WildWest
you are selecting "custom RTCW modification"
you are setting "fs_game" to "WildWest"
you are choosing "Multiplayer mapping mode"

Click ok, and then close Radiant.

we are nearly there :) ..........

Ok now open the "Main" folder in your development installation "Wolf_dev",
and delete the "textures" folder

That's it, Radiant is now correctly setup to work from the WildWest folder, and
since there is no stock RtCW media installed, you don't have to worry about
accidentally using any stock RtCW media :)

To finish, open Radiant, and load one of the WildWest source maps we have included
for you, if all goes well, the map will load (this may take a minute or 2) with no errors.

This document is work in progress, please send any queries about this document to: